Klapton Cyber article by Danny Joffe

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In today’s world of Artificial Intelligence (chat GPT and similar platforms reached 100 million users in three months of being rolled out to the public compared to the internet which took over 10 years to reach that amount of users), online shopping, online communication and socialising and almost all transactions performed by business and service […]


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The insurance industry is one of the sectors most impacted by the unpredictable consequences of climate change. The correlation between climate change and insurance poses significant challenges, prompting questions about how the industry can adapt to secure its sustainability. Accepting climate change as the new normal The increasing number of natural disasters such as wildfires, […]

Behind the Score: Unravelling the Mystery of Insurance Ratings – Part 1

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In the intricate world of insurance, where choices abound, and uncertainties lurk, the importance of insurance ratings cannot be overstated. These numerical and alphabetical symbols serve as beacons, guiding consumers, investors and regulators through the complex seas of financial stability and reliability. Discourse in this article will delve into the nuanced realm of insurance ratings, […]

How Technology Is Transforming Agriculture Insurance (Part 2)

farm worker happy see non gmo vegetable plantation crop yields organically growing fresh healthy way without using herbicides eco friendly bio agricultural greenhouse farm

In the first part of this article we looked at some of the challenges that are shrouded in the implementation of traditional agriculture insurance and how  this has been further complicated by the emergence of climate change which has made traditional agriculture insurance increasingly inadequate thereby necessitating a shift towards technological innovations. The advent of […]

How Technology Is Transforming Agriculture Insurance (Part 1)

farm worker happy see non gmo vegetable plantation crop yields organically growing fresh healthy way without using herbicides eco friendly bio agricultural greenhouse farm

On the 13th of December 2023 the Zambian Government through the Ministry of Agriculture unveiled its 2022 to 2026 Agriculture Strategic Plan. In the plan were a number of deliverables that included set targets to develop 20 Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies and Practices by 2026 against a baseline of 5 that were set in 2021. […]

Zambia Expected To Be Hit By El-Nino – Are Farmers Ready?

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There is a saying that no one can escape the uncertainty of agricultural risks, but everyone can prepare for them. The stark reality facing Zambian farmers going into the 2023/24 farming season is that they are likely to experience unfavourable weather conditions that would impact their crop yields due to a phenomenon called El-Nino. The […]

Understanding the Factors Behind Successful Claim Settlements – Part I


Expeditious settlement of valid claims stands out as a vital function that reveals the trustworthiness of individual insurers/reinsurers and sheds light on the overall values of the industry. By and large, insurance companies rarely reject or repudiate claims without cause. Several underlying factors contribute to claim repudiations. By understanding these factors, as the discourse in […]

Impact of Zambia’s Debt Restructuring on the Insurance Industry

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On 22 June 2023, the Zambian government announced that it had agreed on a comprehensive debt treatment with its official creditors under the G20 common framework. This involved the restructuring of US$6.3 billion of its bilateral debt. In the wake of this significant milestone, Zambia is now at a pivotal juncture for economic revitalisation. Discourse […]

Underwriting Considerations for Decennial Liability

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When writing decennial liability insurance as an underwriter, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account. Here are some of the key factors to consider: Overall, underwriting decennial liability insurance requires a thorough evaluation of various factors related to the construction project, the contractor, and the insurance policy. By carefully considering these […]