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Our partnership with Klapton business Hubs gives us the capability and efficient extension of operations into the various regions in Africa and Asia.

Equipped with connectivity to Klapton Re SICS system, the business with our Hubs is in real-time for all processing of claims and transactions in all regions of activity, solely ceding business into Klapton Re.

Stronger Together

KRB Kenya
Klapton Reinsurance Brokers

KRB Kenya

Situated in Nairobi, Kenya, the Private Limited Company established in 2018, lead by Chris Kiragu (CEO of KRB), facilitates business via several brokers and direct cedants across Anglophone countries (East, Central and southern Africa).

KMA Côte d'Ivoire
Klapton Management Africa Sarl

KMA Côte d'Ivoire

Located in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, the Private Limited Company established in 2018 and lead by Abid Ziadi (CEO of KMA) facilitates business via several brokers and cedants in the Francophone countries (North, West, CIMA Zone Africa).

International Hub
Asia Business

International Hub

The Asian Hub facilitates business via several brokers and direct cedants in the Asian Market (i.e. countries including India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Qatar Bahrain, etc.)

We believe in ‘Togetherness’ as one of our core values and business strategy for sustained growth and profitability. Klapton, therefore, thrives through engagements with associations and memberships, including the following organisations:

Organisation of Eastern Southern African Insurers (OESAI)

Organisation of Eastern & Southern Africa Insurers

A member-based organisation that promotes the business and practice of insurance across Eastern and Southern Africa, with the principal activity of encouraging and enhance co-operation in the field of insurance and reinsurance among companies operating in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region.

Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Reinsurers (FAIR)


A member-based organisation that seeks to promote cooperation among insurance and reinsurance companies in Africa and Asia, through the regular exchange of information, expertise and the development of business relations.

Insurers Association of Zambia (IAZ)

IAZ logo

A member-based organisation for all licensed insurers and re- insurers companies in Zambia, that plays its role in ensuring that a favourable climate exists for insurance companies, enabling them to carry out their business in a professional manner, championing the growth of the insurance sector.

African Insurance Organization (AIO)

AIO logo

Initially established to help develop a healthy insurance industry and insurance co-operation in Africa, the AIO’s mandate is to be the centre of competence and an advocate for the needs of the African insurance industry, with research, training, capacity and reputation building, and facilitation of networking events, all aimed at enhancing growth to of the industry in Africa.

Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda


The establishment of the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda was a consequence of Government’s adoption of the liberalization and privatization policies which ended its role of directly engaging in the provision of goods and services and taking on the role of supervisor or regulator.

Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority


The authority was established to enhance compliance to policies, laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines related to Insurance and Licensing initiatives in Public and Private Institutions in Tanazania.

Klapton Summary Financials

Key Numbers for 2022

Paid-up Capital
Gross Written Premium
Net Assets

Annual Reports




Caa3 with a stable outlook.



International: A1- (short term) and BB- (long term)

Local: A1- (short term) and BBB+ (long term).



CCC (outlook stable), national scale BB (ZM) (outlook stable)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Klapton Re holds our Corporate Social Responsibility dear to the heart of our existence, in line with one of our key strategic objectives of being an excellent corporate citizen in every region that we choose to operate.

Other than letting our customers experience our relevance for business growth and reliable long-term partnership, we aim to ensure significance in showing good corporate citizenship through applying the triple “P” concept (People, Planet and Profits).


We value health and wellness of all citizens; we value family and the welfare of the home (the basic unit of every economy). It is our strong belief that what we do at Klapton has a direct impact on the recovery from calamity that impacts the homes, through the security to our cedants that service many businesses and employers, or direct citizens. Making a lasting impact on communities and people’s lives is an expression of our values in action and something we care deeply.

  • We chose to demonstrate our commitment by attaching to programmes that support education and children.
  • We also ensure that our staff at Klapton Re are supported in Education, Skills training, with Conditions of Service that foster development both at household level and personal growth.


We value the environment and recognise that the future of the globe and its continued existence is the responsibility of all well-meaning citizens. We, therefore, ascribe to support.

  • Tree planting and pollution reduction programmes
  • Wildlife conservation


We uphold corporate governance ethics to the highest level. We believe in the honest and clear transparent creation of wealth, with a commitment to abide by all land regulations in our quest to make our rightful profits for the benefit of all stakeholders. Klapton Re’s growth and improved performance increase our economic contribution through taxes, investments and CRS activities.

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Access to Information

One of Klapton Re’s critical success factors is our customers aligned to its vision and mission. Our commitment and promise is to ensure that customers are treated fairly, and all matters relating to the business transacting is done professionally and transparently that fosters;


When it comes to claims service, our philosophy is driven by a concise framework to guide claims are handling and timely settlement and the application of fairness, equitable and objective claims handling principles in line with ‘Treating Customers Fairly’.

Quality of Service is our assurance to our customers by employing the best trained and qualified staff equipped with the best system and tools necessary to satisfy your needs. For any deficiencies and dissatisfaction, we have procedures in place to ensure that prompt resolution is achieved.

Our ICT and software management is a top priority, with up to date systems monitored by highly trained experts to sure the security of private data.

Transparency remains the cornerstone of all our activities. Klapton Reinsurance Limited is committed to fighting fraud, corruption, theft, and other irregularities within the organisation, whether the perpetrators are internal or external. While whistleblowing is considered an essential component in this fight, Klapton Reinsurance Limited also understands the need to protect these whistle-blowers. We, therefore, invite the staff and the public to come forward regarding any suspicious activities.

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