Bloomfield assigns Klapton Re initial international scale financial strength ratings of A1- (Short Term) and BB- (Long Term) and local ratings of A1- (Short Term) and BBB+ (Long Term) respectively

We are pleased to announce that Klapton Reinsurance Limited has been issued a first-time international scale rating of A1- (short term) and BB- (long term) by Bloomfield Investments. The company has also been issued a local rating of A1- (short term) and BBB+ (long term).

This rating issued shortly after the recent rating by GCR further assures our partners that the company seeks to ensure that it acquires and maintains market accredited ratings.

Further, the rating by Bloomfield provides assurance to all our partners that Klapton Re is trustworthy and a reliable security.

The Board would like to thank Klapton Re’s management and staff for the work in securing this rating.

Webster Twaambo, Jr.

Managing Director & CEO

May 2022